Whitelight, your Trading Standards Consultant.
Whitelight, your Trading Standards Consultant.

Complaint resolution and mediation

Complaints and trade disputes arise for a variety of reasons.  Some are justified and others not.


When these do arise it is our experience that they need to be dealt with promptly.


Most people avoid conflict and some take matters personally when there is no need to take such a stance.  In life, things do go wrong occasionally and as a business you are judged by how you deal with the matter as much as the outcome.


We can assist you by taking these off your hands.  We will speak to the client direct and gain all information needed in order to make an informed decision on your behalf, if that is your wish.


There are some clients that simply "won't pay" and have no real reason to complain.  In these instances it is important that you show you have given them every opportunity.  When the matter does go before a Court they cannot say they have not had the opportunity to resolve the issue.


Despite the fact we are contracted to you, we will strive to give you an impartial view of matters and based on our experience, the likely outcome.


Using mediation is a good way to try and resolve disputes that cannot be otherwise lessened between the two parties involved. You may need a solicitor to act as an unbiased third party and help you agree to a solution.

Mediation can be used in a court case to shorten the length of time it will take to make a decision, and often, in many cases resolve the problem all together. It is also an informal method of trying to clarify matters and is useful if both sides are looking to continue a relationship in the future, whether business or personal. The neutral mediator, often a solicitor can aid yourself and the other party to reach an understanding together.

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